StandbyDisk Solo RB V2.1


System Requirements

● Windows XP Home Edition/Professional Edition ®

● Windows 2000 Professional ® (2000 Server-limited support)

● RAM: at least 128MB

● Disk: at least double what is used before installation


System volume must be formatted NTFS as the active boot volume

Limited support of Dynamic Disk

Cannot use Domain Controller under Windows 2000 Server®

StandbyDisk Solo RB (RescueBoot) is a unique and simple way to protect your bootable system volume. RB gives you an easy way to recover your system after any kind of software problem such as a resource conflict, a user initiated error or a failed application installation.  A unique advantage of RB is that recovery is almost instantaneous (requiring only a re-boot) and it is reversible. In other words, recovery will not erase or overwrite your original configuration so you may access it at a later time. You need remember only two functions of this clever software:  VolumeUpdate, and RescueBoot. Here’s how they work.

Step 1: VolumeUpdate

VolumeUpdate copies all the existing contents of your system volume (usually C:) into what we call the “StandbyArea” .  The StandbyArea is protected and hidden, and actually resides within the same C: volume. You may call this process “backup”, but we call it “Update”.  This is because for full protection you should also make a “backup” on separate media using another product. Please check the StandbySoft product line if you are also interested in independent-media backup.  To complete a VolumeUpdate the system volume needs almost twice as much disk space as what would be used if no VolumeUpdate had ever been done.

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