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After VolumeUpdate is done, the contents of the protected/hidden StandbyArea will be identical to the contents of your system volume (CurrentArea). You may want to run Volume Update occasionally when your system is working well. You could VolumeUpdate before you try to take any risky action such as a software upgrade or hardware installation, etc.  After the first time, VolumeUpdates are faster because they are incremental.

Refrain from activating VolumeUpdate if you notice a problem with your system. On the other hand, the more you run Volume Update the less out of date your system will be after Rescue Boot.


In order to VolumeUpdate, simply select from [Start Menu] à [All Programs] à [StandbyDisk Solo RB] à [VolumeUpdate]. By default, the VolumeUpdate command will ask you a password except for the very first VolumeUpdate you will perform.  After that, you will be asked to type in a password. The default password is “SDSRB”.  We recommend you to change the password settings if you want more or less security.


After typing a password, VolumeUpdate screen will open. There are three options to check for saving space by avoiding the copying of less important files. After VolumeUpdate, you are prepared for a disaster.  Now, how do you recover when your computer crashes?


Step 2: RescueBoot


RescueBoot is your easiest answer. But this function will only be available anytime after one or more completed VolumeUpdates, as described in Step 1. If you are reading this after the disaster has already occurred, and you have not used VolumeUpdate in the past, this software cannot help you at this time. We recommend you to activate VolumeUpdate after you fully recover the system to be ready next time.

RescueBoot takes place only during a re-boot and has the effect of swapping your CurrentArea with the StandbyArea.  After a RescueBoot, your system now works as it did at the moment of your most recent Volume Update.

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