StandbyDisk V3.0

StandbyDisk v3.0         

StandbyDisk V3.0 is a simple yet reliable solution for system backup & recovery which will protect your computer system from many kinds of storage failures. StandbyDisk copies files from a working hard drive to a secondary hard drive and creates a bootable backup which will act just like your original hard drive you are currently using. If the operating system or hard drive fails, the system can be easily rebooted from the secondary hard drive. This is faster and less destructive than a typical imaging type recovery which requires a non-reversible overwrite of the system. This method of backup and recovery is cost effective for medium and small business and home users.


  • High speed backup from working drive to another hard drive -- enables complete backup and recovery of a functioning Windows operating system, applications and data by creating an identical bootable drive.
  • Reversible recovery -- allows you to go back to your troubled system after a quick recovery
  • Fast backup and restore for entire volumes, folders or individual files will allow you to make a customized backup disk drive
  • Incremental backup -- saves time required for updating the contents to the standby disk drive
  • Backup (copy) will be done while Windows is running -- no need to shut down computer before backup operation.
  • Immediate disaster recovery-- enables almost zero downtime during the simple process of physically switching the current drive and standby drive, or switching the boot order in Bios
  • Easy standardized management -- includes intuitive folder browsing and Scheduler interfaces
  • Better than mirroring technology -- intentionally time-delayed-protection covers both hardware and software redundancy
  • New in V3.0 -- Comprehensive search function -- allows you to search the contents of Standby Disk
  • New in V3.0 -- Standby disk drive may be a different size -- Backup to a larger drive and recover to it to expand available disk space.
  • New in V3.0 -- Hard drive rotation (multiple standby disk units per current disk can be assigned)

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