StandbySoft Announces eXPandVISTA™ EZ

July 4, 2007  Reno, NV. --- StandbySoft LLC, the developer of StandbyDisk and StandbyDisk Solo announces a new product to ease the transition from Microsoft Windows XP® to Windows Vista™.  eXPandVISTA™ EZ is a simple and reliable software utility which permits two Microsoft operating systems to reside within a single drive partition without interference and requiring zero reconfiguration. 

A customer in transition can run either operating system alternately at full performance and with minimum waste of disk space.  Only a simple click to reboot is required to swap operating systems and a simple uninstall is all that is needed to remove the unwanted operating system at the end of the transition. 

The product is also applicable to the transition from Windows Vista to its service pack upgrade, allowing the flexibility of an unlimited return to the original system before upgrade.  Download a trial version at

StandbySoft LLC

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