StandbySoft prepares for StandbyDisk v5 (Vista) in Q3 2007

July 1, 2007  Reno, NV. --- StandbySoft LLC, a developer of StandbyDisk and StandbyDisk Solo, today announced a release date of "StandbyDisk V5.0" -- a Vista compatible version of StandbyDisk -- to be ready this fall. 

This product will support Microsoft Windows Vista as well as current major operating system Windows XP.

Similar to its former Window XP based product, it will provide a backup solution using a two disk system; the software copies all the contents of one disk drive to another disk drive. In case of physical damage to the current disk drive, a user can switch to "StandbyDisk" and continue operation. Flexible incremental backup function and convenient scheduling ability remains from previous version.  An additional feature includes new Search & Browse function, and more.

Simple, yet trustworthy, StandbyDisk always ensures hassle free work environment in case of a disaster. StandbyDisk V5.0 with Vista's VSS function, StandbyDisk's capability of protecting computer data is going to be stronger than ever.

"StandbySoft's backup technology has enabled us to release unique reversible recovery solutions to enterprise customers, such as NEC and Fujitsu" said Harvie Branscomb, CEO of StandbySoft. "We intend to expand our market in the US and to the rest of the world to help more customers with better & simple technologies."

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StandbySoft LLC is a US based Limited Liability Corporation operating since 2001.  Working together with 5 engineers who all work from remote locations, StandbySoft has been managing to design a unique product in immediate disaster recovery area.

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